Molton Brown ultracalm lemon leaf shavewax

If you have ever flown across the Atlantic on a British Air flight in business or first class, you most undoubtably experienced the lux line of spa-like products offered by Molton Brown. Or, perhaps you met a friend for tea at 51 Buckingham Gate hotel and washed your hands in the hotel lobby restroom? If you’re guilty as charged, that liquid ginger soap you coveted was manufactured with love and care from the good folks at Molton Brown.

However you found this little gem, be grateful. They are without a doubt one of London’s finest purveyors of shave  hair, and skin care products. Founed as a hair salon in 1973, Molton Brown brought Dale Daxon Bowers  to their team of lab coats in 1978. She immediately set to work in a makeshift lab in the kitchen above Browns boutique. Dale’s passion, creativity and belief that nature would be the focus for her new inventions, was the source of a whole new range. She was a perfectionist and she wanted to follow her own path

In 2005 Molton Brown was purchased by the Kao Group, a giant-sized (7th largest consumer products company in the world to be exact) cosmetic and consumer goods company headquartered in Tokyo. Did Molton Brown lose its charm, founder or spiritual direction? Some die-hard Brownies would argue yes, while others like me who didn’t find Moton Brown until the new millenium would argue its only gotten better. (New products, new website, new stores including the US.)


As soon as you open Molton Brown’s ultracalm lemon leaf shavewax and put a quarters worth in your palm you’ll realize this product is all about lemon. Don’t be freaked.  Rub it into your beard using your fingertips and give it a minute or two to absorb into your face. If you’re awake you’ll start to smell the subtly  of ginger and maybe even lavende scents. All good for your face and charma.

By now you should also notice the product lays down clear without any foam. That means no soap agents that could dry your skin out, and you should be able to see where you’re shaving. (Clear faces also provides creative clarity for shaving those sexy psychodelic goatees, burns and manchu mustachios.)
Don’t forget to rinse your razor early and often to prevent the dreaded clog of product and stubble.

When you’re done rinse with warm water, and pat dry with a soft towel. Molton’s shavewax comes packed with shea butter and vitamin E to help those of us with baby faces stay moisturized with your beard trimmers 2017.

I was extremely pleased with the end result of my shave.  more Product Reviews click here.


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