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New 3D Muscle-Building Program
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It Started When One Man Gained
60 Pounds of Muscle
In Only 4 Weeks!

Unbelievable but true. In 1973 a bodybuilder packed on an amazing 63 pounds of muscle in four weeks in a research project known as the Colorado Experiment (even more amazing, his workouts were three days a week, 30 minutes each!). Now you can follow in his footsteps with a proven testosterone-boosting, high-intensity routine similar to the one he used, but supercharged with new proven techniques.While the bodybuilder who accomplished that amazing feat was a genetic superior and very depleted prior to starting the experiment, the training he used has a lot to offer if you want to build 10, 20, 30 or 40 pounds of attention-grabbing muscle fast.

In fact, a few years ago Jonathan Lawson was the first to use a beta-test version of the program we developed, and it sent his muscle growth through the roof! At that time he was frustrated and had all but given up on building an impressive physique, but he decided to give this experimental program his best shot. Results: He packed on an amazing 20 pounds of muscle in 10 weeks, arms from 16 1/2 to 18 inches—and his waist went down 1 inch! He built his base structure for bodybuilding in about two months, not two years! (And he’s not a genetic superman; he’s probably a lot like you.) Imagine what you’d look like 20 pounds of muscle heavier…

Jonathan made his amazing mass gains back in the ’90s, going from a soft 191 pounds to a massive 209. And since then we’ve discovered a lot of new muscle-building techniques that have supercharged that original mass-building plan that worked so well for him. Jonathan has been the guinea pig for a lot of those experimental concepts. The best ones include X Reps, force/tension, DXO and, of course, the new 3D version of Positions of Flexion. Here’s a recent shot of Jonathan after using the updated concepts—bigger, fuller and much more ripped…

Looking back at Jonathan’s incredible early muscle gains, we knew that a lot of people want a quick-start mass program, just as Jonathan did, so we decided to merge the classic 20-pounds-of-muscle program he used with the latest muscle-building science and techniques we know work. The result is a high-octane 10-week program that can pack your frame with loads of new mass quicker than anything out there. It’s a crash course in muscle-weight gain that is fast (three days per week) and on target (two five-week phases), just like the original approach, but now it’s updated and turbocharged! It’s all explained in detail in the new 3D Muscle Building e-book. Here’s what you get…

•Jonathan’s original classic 20-pounds-of-muscle-in-10-weeks program (it works, so it’s here in its entirety in case you want to do exactly what he did the first time around).

•A bodypart-by-bodypart analysis of that routine Jonathan used, each bodypart program dissected and updated with new 3D info.

•The new complete 3D Every-Other-Day Revised Size Surge Mass Program in printable form with space for your poundages and reps (print it out, take it to the gym and grow like never before!).

•3D muscle-fiber analysis—how and why muscles grow and the big mistake most bodybuilders make (it’s why so many never gain muscle at the rapid pace they should—don’t make this mistake!).

•Prelude to mass—a look at a precise, quick warmup sequence that can help you achieve 20 percent better results; plus, a look at advanced warmup techniques like nervous system loading and postactivation.

•X Reps—the latest look at this incredible end-of-set mass-building technique, plus how to apply it to the new revised 3D Size Surge program (printable exercise descriptions are here too, with all the important details).

•New Mass F/X Training—how to alternate max-force and extended-tension workouts for a muscle-fiber-size explosion (it’s a juiced version of Jonathan’s original 5-week Phase 1 routine).

•3D Muscle-Size Q&A—a big questions-and-answers section that covers everything from rest between sets to X-Rep mutations to champ training to hardgaining to home training to periodization to what your muscles should measure for classic proportions to the 3D Muscle Building Fast Mass Diet. Plus, there’s an analysis of the Colorado Experiment (60 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks), along with the exact workout that was used in that landmark study.

•Last but not least, the new beta-test program we are now using that integrates Power/Rep Range/Shock, 3D POF and X Reps. It’s a train-each-bodypart-once-per-week protocol that has tremendous mass-building potential. Try it after you build your mass base with the 10-week program—you can train and gain right along with us by following our training blog.

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